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Investigating Web APIs

A few weeks ago I decided to work through this Mixtape tutorial on Repl.it that utilizes the Spotify API. While an excellent tutorial on it’s own, especially for someone teaching themselves, I saw an awesome opportunity to expand each part with rich discussions and discovery activities. Over the course of a few lessons, students explore HTTP requests, discuss the values set forth by the Developer’s Terms of Service, interpret JSON objects, write basic HTML, make use of Flask and Python, and put it all together in the original tutorial’s Mixtape project.

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Teaching: What’s Working? (Nine Weeks In)

On the upside, I think I’ve mastered knowing which of the zillion devices I set up at the beginning of each period need to be muted? Turns out hybrid teaching is still hard and still exhausting, but is slowly normalizing itself. It helps that, slowly, students are choosing to come back to fully in person. Not surprisingly, a lot has changed since the start of the school year.