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Robotics Classroom Procedures

If you haven’t already seen the classroom Hummingbird Kit bundles, go take a minute to bask in all its organizational glory. I am determined to keep them beautiful. My overarching strategy is to give the students ownership so they, too, want to keep the kits organized. Though this post will specifically detail the classroom procedures I use with the Hummingbird Kit, the resources are easily adaptable to whatever you’re using!


The kits did arrive mostly assembled, I took out any of the extra wrapping from some of the accessories and moved the pamphlets to underneath the compartments. I also made the executive decision to place the labels of each compartment in myself to ensure it was done right. It didn’t take that long, and it was a nice break.

To each kit, I also added:

  • Inspection accountability sign-off: This is placed on the outside of each kit. At the end of each class, each group is required to sign-off that they have inspected the kit and everything is in its place.
  • Organizational picture: This is laminated and taped to the inside of the lid so students have a reference for where everything goes.
  • Instructions: The set-up/clean-up instructions and list of reminders were copied two-sided on cardstock and laminated. I attempted to cover all the frequently asked questions so I can remind them to check that card first!

Additional Accessories

In-class Procedures

Like any good class procedure, these take lots of practice and reminders. The first time they see the kits, we “ooohh and ahhh” at their organizational beauty. Introducing the kits without computers also gives ample time for us to practice these procedures early on.

Students will need to be taught how to wind cables and wires. It will require many reminders to have them place the twist-tie in the compartment so it doesn’t fall on the floor. You will have to stop class early to remind them how to safely disconnect their robot and give them time to clean up. We’re about four classes into using the kits, and I still check each one before dismissing the class. I promise, it’s all worth it.