9-12, AP Computer Science A, Professional Development

I had a bad day.

And upon emerging on the other side of the typical stages (blaming my students, asking other teachers if they were experiencing the same thing, beating myself up…) and attempting to prioritize myself (shout-out to chocolate and movement), I thought I’d try written reflection.

My AP students came into class for their first assessment asking about my test correction policy. To be clear, I love the learning process and know the value of having multiple opportunities to demonstrate understanding. But, I also want my students to come to a test feeling prepared. Not assuming they’ll need to correct most of it. After their assessment, they continued to feel defeated as we reviewed a practice AP question.

So, what to do? Test corrections? A second pass at the assessment? Reassessment? Once I graded the assessment, they were much better than the mood of the class let on – super great news. I’ll probably end up allowing corrections or a partial reassessment once I revisit their tests.

Their confidence is a much bigger concern to me. It hurts my heart to see them so down on themselves. How can I improve the classroom culture? How can we build their skills? This isn’t fully fleshed out yet, and I’m not asking for advice. I’m sharing because I want other teachers to know its not all sunshine and rainbows everyday. I’ll continue to reflect, but here’s what I’m thinking right now:

  1. A Google form reflection with questions about how they approach weekly assignments, how they prepared for the assessment, and what they and I can do differently next time
  2. A more proactive approach to one-on-one meetings and check-ins from my end
  3. Encouraging students to set their own intentions for better study habits
  4. Looking for ways to celebrate success
  5. whatever else the students suggest!