Booleo Game and Bonus Docs!

Many years ago my mom (a computer teacher long before I was!) bought me the Booleo card game. It’s a great way to practice with logic gates and the critical thinking skills necessary to plan ahead. It’s out of print, but I made a printable version and scanned in the directions for you so you can make a class set!

I also realized this week that I still had an active sellers account on Teachers Pay Teachers with some activities from when I was a math teacher. There’s nothing I wouldn’t share with my teacher friends for free so here are the few documents I had up:

  • Graphing Basics Cooperative Learning Activity: Get your students moving with this new twist on this classic ice-breaker “Find Someone Who…”. Use this activity to assess prior knowledge or review the basic characteristics of graphs and equations like intercepts, solution points, symmetry, continuity, and domain.
  • Graphing Higher Order Polynomials Concept Puzzle – Cooperative Learning Activity: Students will work in groups to graph higher order polynomial functions using clues involving zeros and their multiplicities, intercepts, where the first derivative equals zero, and end behavior. This file contains 5 “concept puzzles” that allow students to demonstrate understanding of the concepts and synthesize that knowledge in a fun way!
  • Finding All Real Zeros Cooperative Learning Activity: Your students will work in groups of 4 to 5 to find all real zeros of higher degree polynomials through a classic roundtable activity. As the teacher you will be able to check each student’s contribution to the group.
  • Finding All Real Zeros Take-Home Quiz (26 versions!): Allow students to demonstrate their ability to find all real zeros of a fourth degree polynomial by using the Rational Zero Test and Descartes’ Rule of Signs to come up with a list of possible zeros and test them using synthetic division. Students will then give a sketch of the graph using end behavior. There are 26 versions (and the answers!) included so it can be used as a take-home quiz. It could also be used as a partner quiz in which each student is working on their own problem but can consult a partner for assistance. 26 versions provide so many different uses!
  • Investigating Optimization – An Introduction to the Classic Calculus Box Problem: Introduce your PreCalculus or Algebra 2 students to the classic Calculus problem of optimizing the volume based on cutting equal squares out of the corners of a fixed rectangular surface. This investigation walks students through making various size boxes, creating a formula, using the power rule to find the derivative, and using the derivative to find the maximum value.
  • Discovering Rational Functions: Before teaching Rational Functions to your class, let them discover it! Through a series of questioning and carefully selected graphs, this packet guides Algebra 2 and PreCalculus students through identifying key features of rational functions and graphing them. This activity can be done in pairs, groups, or independently.
  • Sequences and Series Investigation: In this investigation, students use the patterns formed by bowling pins to reinforce knowledge of sequences and series and to investigate how the sequences relate to the graphs. Students will be able to identify a sequence, write a recursive and closed form definition, and graph. The student will also be able to calculate the sequence of partial sums and graph the corresponding function. Finally, the student will be able to use their knowledge of triangular and square numbers to make a prediction about pentagonal numbers. I have used this as a cumulative project at the end of the unit on sequences and series and leading into our graphing unit – also works great cooperatively!
  • Properties of Quadrilaterals Foldable: Fold on the solid lines and cut on the dashed lines to create a quick reference guide to the properties of quadrilaterals.