Hybrid Learning

Back to School Supplies for COVID-19 Teaching

The supply list you didn’t know you needed

If you’re heading back to face to face instruction or a hybrid model, you’re probably armed with endless technology resources and overwhelmed by emails promising professional development that will make you instantly effective.  I can promise you that there is no secret sauce (and if there is, please let me know!)  I also recognize that this is a really difficult time for all with anxiety and trauma.  However, here are some of the unexpected school supplies I’ve accumulated during my first few weeks of a hybrid face-to-face model that have made my life a little more bearable.

  • A large water bottle with a straw.  Talking with a mask on and trying to speak loudly so the students at home can hear you leaves me thirsty and a sore throat.  I feel awkward taking my mask off to drink water, but it’s much easier to slide a straw under the mask to take a sip during class.  Though I wish there existed a way to cover the straw, this Zak Designs bottle is serving me well and doesn’t spill in my bag.
  • Masks that fit.  Nothing detracts from your endless hand sanitizing and social distancing like repositioning your mask all day.  I’ve found these Nak “Swoosh” masks to be the perfect design for me with nothing to tie and no ear loops to bother me. (Yes, I find them to be expensive, but I bought a few and then traced them to make a pattern and sew my own.)  You’ll also want a bountiful supply so you can change them out without having to do laundry too often.
  • Dirty and clean mask cases.  It is really nice to be able to put on a clean mask after lunch.  I bought some cheap cloth pencil cases from Target and 3D printed “Clean” and “Dirty” keychains (3D print file) so I could label the bags and easily wash them at the end of the week.
3D printed "Clean" and "Dirty" labels for my mask bags
3D printed “Clean” and “Dirty” labels for my mask bags
  • Shield.  We’re required to wear masks, but sometimes I like to double up depending on my comfort level with the situation.  If you’re going to try out a shield, I recommend one with a glasses-style fit over the elastic band.  Much more comfortable and, yes, you can wear them over your glasses.
  • Picnic blanket.  We’ve been taking the students outside for lunch as much as possible.  I’ve found it really helpful to keep a beach towel or picnic blanket at school.  Encourage your students to as well; its a good reminder to stay socially distanced.  Other teachers at school are using folding chairs as well.
  • An electric kettle or coffee pot.  With the windows open and the air system running at full blast, the building is really cold this year.  Also, we no longer have access to coffee in the teacher’s lounge so, as a tea drinker, I’ve invested in my own electric kettle.

Not a sponsored post, nor are these affiliate links.  Just what I’ve honestly added to my school supplies this year!